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Enrollment Procedure

  • Submit Enrollment Fee

    Enroll online or complete an enrollment form on or before 17 January 2019 (Thursday), participants need to enroll with the enrollment fee (HK$120). Competition enrollment will be confirmed once the participants achieve the minimum fundraising amount. The enrollment fee will be counted as donations and as part of the minimum sponsorship amount.

    Tips: Participants can submit the enrollment form with the enrollment fee first. After receiving our "Registration Confirmation Email", participants can submit donations and sponsors' details via the online "Participant Page".

  • Receive Login Password For The "Participant Page"

    After receiving the successful enrollment, MSF will notify each participant of their team code and login password for the online “Participant Page” via a confirmation email. Participant’s registered email address will be used as the “Participant Page” login ID.

    Please contact MSF at 2959 4249 if participants do not receive any confirmation email 2 weeks after the enrollment forms are submitted.

    Tips: Make use of the "Participant Page"

    Participants can check and update personal information, make online donation, submit sponsor’s details, and send out fundraising invitations via the "Participant Page".

  • Submit Minimum Sponsorship Amount

    Submit minimum sponsorship amount on or before 17 January 2019 (Thursday), or enrollments will be cancelled without further notice. If a team is changing from Family to other categories, all submitted sponsorships will be transferred to the team leader. The seats will then be allotted to the team who is in the waiting list. All submitted sponsorships are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Change Team Details (If Necessary)

    For any necessary change/ update of team member list / category after the enrollment, team leader will have to submit a completed “Changing Member & Category Form” (CLICK HERE to download) with an administration fee on or before 21 January 2019 (Monday) to MSF.

    No changes will be accepted after the deadline. If a participant withdraws from a team, the sponsorships raised by that participant will be transferred to the team leader. The administration fee cannot be regarded as donation and is neither tax-deductible nor refundable.

    * If a team is changing from Family to other categories, all submitted sponsorships will be transferred to the team leader.

  • Collect Participant Pack

    A “Participant Pack Redemption letter” will be mailed to the registered address of team leader before 20 February 2018. Each team needs to send at least one team member to collect the participant pack during a specific period (tentatively set on 22-24 February 2019). If any team cannot collect it in person, team leader should fill in the authorisation form (CLICK HERE to download ) to authorise a third person for collection.

    * Please note that we will not distribute the participant pack on the event day and all teams must collect it during the designated period and bring it to the event.

  • Submit Sponsor’s Details

    ALL sponsors' details and extra donations should be submitted on or before 2 March 2019 (Saturday) via the "Participant Page". No donation receipt will be issued in the case of late submission.

    * Please fill in the sponsors' details carefully in BLOCK LETTERS for tax deduction purpose. No amendments can be made once the receipt has been issued.


    Participants should bring the participant pack and arrive the venue at the assigned reporting time. Each participant should bring along a compass and whistle to start the Competition.

    Announcements will be made on the Competition website  http://msf.hk/oc for any cancellation or changes of programme due to adverse weather conditions or other unpredictable factors. MSF reserved the right to revise any event details without prior notice. All submitted sponsorships are NON-REFUNDABLE.