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Green Tips

Orienteering is a sport in which the competitors navigate through the terrain to visit a number of control points. Orienteering is at its best when run in natural terrain with intricate features. To preserve the natural environment and to sustain the development of orienteering, we (the organiser) will:

  • Prepare carboy water for participants to fill their own water bottle at the event centre and water station at the competition area. We will not distribute any plastic bottles during event
  • Set recycle bins at event centre and encourage participants to sort the waste
  • Follow the “Code of Practice - Conservation of the Environment” issued by the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong. Please CLICK HERE for the details

Before the event

  • Go green with the internet (to reduce printing and use of paper):
    • Online (event website or email) enrollment
    • Obtain the latest event news from the event website
    • E-copy of participant notice or share the hardcopy with your teammates
  • If you have the event T-shirt from previous MSF Orienteering Competitions or other suitable sportswear, you may choose not to register for a new event T-shirt
  • Bring your own bag to redeem the participants’ materials on the participants’ pack redemption day.

During the event

  • Protecting natural ecology, keep the competition and public area clean:
    • Take your litter home (regardless of the size)
    • Make use of recycle bins and waste sorting
    • Do not start any fire or smoke
    • Do not destroy any plants, pollute the water or disturb the wildlife
    • Do not use spike shoes
  • Bring reusable bottle for drinking water filling to minimize bottled water consumption. No bottled drinks will be distributed at the event centre
  • Prepare your own bag (size: 20” (w) x 30” (h)) for baggage storage. All team members can store their baggages in the same bag
  • Prepare and use your own towel instead of tissue paper