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Submit Minimum Sponsorship Amount

Minimum Sponsorship Amount

After completing the enrollment, participants can submit the sponsorship and sponsors’ details via the online "Participant Page". Team leaders can also collect all the completed sponsorship forms and submit to MSF. Minimum sponsorship amount should be submitted on or before 17 January 2019 or otherwise, enrollments will be rejected. Submitted sponsorships will not be returned without further notice.

All sponsors' details and extra donations should be submitted on or before 2 March 2019 (Saturday). No donation receipt will be issued in the case of late submission.


MSF will issue donation receipts / e-receipts to sponsors with donations of HK$100 or above and with addresses/ email addresses provided. Name of sponsor must be the same as that on the tax demand note if the receipt will use for tax deduction.

Minimum Sponsorship Amount


HK$1,500(per person)


HK$990 (per person)


HK$1,500 (per 2-member team)

HK$2,500 (per 3-member team)

HK$3,400 (per 4-member team)


HK$950 (per person)