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On Track to Save – MSF Orienteering Competition

On Track to Save – MSF Orienteering Competition


Orienteering is an outdoor activity requiring high intelligence and physical strength. With the help of a map and compass, participants should search for the pre-set control points in the competition site. Different routes can be chosen according to their own experiences, technique and judgment. The winner will be the one who spends the shortest time to find out the most control points.

“MSF Orienteering Competition” has been organized by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Hong Kong since 2002. It allows MSF’s supporters to experience the challenges faced by our field workers, who travel through some of the world’s most testing environments to provide much-needed medical care to the people and communities who are most in need.

All participants will be assigned an MSF field worker identity. In addition to searching for control points over hills and valleys, participants can complete the “Frontline Mission” to further understand the lifesaving work of MSF.

Your support to MSF is vital, enabling us to respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently. Financial independence is crucial for our field teams to gain access to those trapped in war zones and volatile areas especially, and provide neutral and impartial assistance. We sincerely invite you to join the 18th “On Track to Save”. Together, let us push the limits and save more lives!

Competition Details

Date: 3 March 2019 (Sun) 

Venue: Tsing Yi Nature Trail

Starting Time: 8am-1pm
(Starting time for each category will be announced later) 

Competition Hours: 2.5 hours
(Exact hours to be announced in the Participant Notice) 


  • 1
    With a map and a compass, teams have to locate the pre-set control points in the competition area within the time limit.
  • 2
    The scores of the control points vary. The team with the highest scores wins.
  • 3
    In the case of tied scores, team with the shortest finishing time wins.

Orienteering Equipment & Safety Rules

Each participant must bring the below equipment for the Competition:


(Self-provided, otherwise will not be allowed to join the Competition)


(Self-provided, otherwise will not be allowed to join the Competition)




(Provided by organiser)


(Provided by organiser)

Participant Number Bib

(Provided by organiser)

All participants please also pay attention to the below safety rules:
  1. Wear appropriate sportswear (e.g. trousers and sports shoes)
  2. Make sure your physical condition is suitable for outdoor activities before the competition
  3. Pay close attention to weather conditions. In adverse weather condition, please stay tune to the competition website for the latest arrangement
  4. Follow the instructions of the staff during the competition. Even if you cannot finish the competition, you should still report to the Finishing Point at the event centre before leaving