Event Introduction

The road to provide life-saving aid is often rough and difficult. In order to help MSF supporters in Hong Kong understand the challenges faced by field workers, who journey through some of the world's most testing environments to provide medical aid to patients in dire situations, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Hong Kong has been hosting the annual MSF orienteering competition since 2002.

As Médecins Sans Frontières (Hong Kong) steps into the 30th year of its presence in 2024, "On Track to Save" will take place along the main dam of Plover Cove Reservoir in Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po this year, the competition taking form of a running race for the first time. Participants are brought into the countryside, much like our field workers who tread deep into remote areas to reach their patients. Beautiful scenery isn't the sole reason why the main dam was chosen. In fact, the area shares a resemblance to South Sudan, currently the youngest nation (it declared independence in 2011) and the focal country of the competition. On top of constant ethnic conflicts, the South Sudanese land is plagued by seasonal flooding, leading to the construction of various dykes and dams across the country. Over the past four years, flooding in South Sudan has intensified unprecedentedly due to climate change, with two-thirds of the country affected by flooding in 2022. Join us for an exhilarating run along the dam and feel the thrill of racing along the water as if you were on field assignment.

Event Schedule

  • 27 Nov 2023 – 14 Feb 2024

  • Enrol online

  • 27 Nov 2023 – 29 February 2024

  • Fundraise - get your family and friends involved in your mission

  • 8 - 10 Mar 2024

  • Collect race pack

  • 17 Mar 2024

  • Arrive in Tai Mei Tuk in the morning to experience the field challenges

Races and routes

  • The Run features three different races: 10 km, 3 km and 1 km Fun Run. The races will take place in different time slots in the morning of 17 March, 2024.

    Race Start Time:

    10km - 8:30 AM
    3km- 9:45 AM
    1km (Individual) - 10:15 AM
    1km(Family) - 10:30 AM

    ***Participants are required to arrive at the venue early. For detailed timing and event arrangements, please refer to the email sent to participants on 1st March 2024.

    The 10km race is suitable for intermediate to advanced runners with better physical fitness and endurance. The 3km race is designed for beginners to intermediate runners, which is more ideal for participants who have built up a habit to run but attempt to achieve an impressive time record in the race. Only individuals of 16 years old or above* are eligible to enrol these races.

    The 1km Fun Run is suitable for parents and children as well as novice runners. This race will not be timed and will feature educational "little frontline missions". This race will be a special crossover between MSF and local popular shiba inu character "PJai and friends". The materials for the little frontline missions will incorporate visual elements of PJai and friends. Participants will also bring home the Fun Run exclusive PJai souvenirs. The 1km parent-child category must consist of one adult and one child/youth. Adults must be over 18 years old* and children/youth must be between 4 and 15 years old*.

    Please note that the seats for each race are limited. Enrolment will close when the races are full. Please enrol now to be a part of the "On Track to Save" run!

    *Age counted by the year of birth

    The event will take place at the main dam of Plover Cove Reservoir in Tai Mei Tuk. Its beautiful scenary never fails to impress. Please find the detailed race routes below.

Souvenirs and Awards

  • Souvenirs

  • Joining “On Track to Save” will not only give you a taste of the frontline challenges, you can also bring attractive souvenirs home:

    Each of the first 50 participants to enrol the race will receive an MSF outdoor folding stool, which is perfect for picnics, excursions or outdoor performances.

    Each participant will get a MSF tote bag, a race T-shirts (you can opt out), a handy outdoor coin bag, an eco-friendly foldable water cup, and a storage chair featuring the local popular Shiba Inu “PJai and friends” upon race pack redemption. The storage chair has a unique design, that participants can freely switch PJai's role as different MSF aid workers; and with its large volume, the chair is an ideal furniture to keep things tidy at home.

    Each participant will be awarded an "On Track to Save" Finisher Medal after the race.

    Participants of the 1km Fun Run will receive exclusive “MSF x PJai and friends” souvenirs.

    Participants who donate up to HK$680 (HK$100 enrolment fee not included) will receive random MSF souvenirs; each of the first 300 participants who donate up to HK$780 will receive a limited MSF Land Cruiser model car.

  • Awards

  • There are awards for men's and women's best times in each age group in the 10km and 3km race respectively. The winners will receive trophies and prizes. There will be no awards for the 1km Fun Run.

    In order to encourage participants to mobilise their family and friends to support MSF's aid work through sponsoring your participation, the event will also feature fundraising awards. Participating individuals and organisations will compete for these awards. The top three participating units who raise the highest total amount of funds will get attractive prizes.

    Prize list :

  • Race results

  • Participants can download e-certificates by clicking here.

Important Notices

  • Participants must read through the Important Notices and the "Terms and Conditions" listed below carefully. By completing and submitting your application, you accept all event arrangements, rules, and Terms and Conditions.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to participants upon successful registration (ONLY the parent of each 1km Fun Family Group will receive the confirmation email). If you have not received any confirmation email after submitting your registration, please contact us by email events@hongkong.msf.org or call (852) 2959 4249 for assistance.

  • An email will be sent to registered participants two weeks before the event with instructions regarding the collection of Race Packs.

  • Participants will be required to show a physical or electronic copy of the redemption email to pick up their Race Packs and other event materials. Should you wish to authorise a representative to collect your Pack, please complete the authorisation letter attached to the race pack redemption email and present it to our staff along with the identity documents.

  • Participants are expected to understand that this event by nature requires physical exertion. Only individuals who are physically capable and in sound medical condition should join the event. The Organiser strongly encourages all participants to closely monitor their own conditions to determine if they are capable of continuing the activity. In case of sickness or emergencies, please seek help from event staff immediately.

  • Participants are encouraged to protect themselves against sun exposure, by applying sunscreen, wearing shading headwear, and ensuring adequate hydration.

  • People who are pregnant or suffering from chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, are not advised to join the competition. The Organiser reserves the right to deny any registration, and ban or disqualify any persons considered or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.

  • If Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted anytime after 8am of the day before the event, the Organiser will call off the event.

  • If the Black or Red Rainstorm Signal is hoisted anytime after 4am on the event day, the Organiser will call off the event.

  • If the event is called off, the Organiser will strive to reschedule and any arrangements made will be announced. However, rescheduling is not guaranteed.

  • The event will continue unless any of the aforementioned weather signals are in effect. In case of any other weather signals being hoisted, it is up to participants to evaluate the situation, and the decision to carry on or withdraw from the event lies with the individual.

  • If experiencing adverse weather or any of the above warning signals are hoisted during the event, the Organiser reserves the right to change the event route or event arrangement or cancel the ongoing event.

  • The Organiser does not make refund arrangements under any circumstances.

  • Participants are recommended to refer to the Hong Kong Observatory for weather information. (Tel: 1878200)

  • Please follow MSF Hong Kong Facebook page and this website for the latest news.

  • Leave no trace - take your little home and keep our natural environment clean and healthy.

  • Make use of recycle bins for waste sorting.

  • Bring a reusable bottle for drinking water to minimise bottled water consumption.

  • Prepare and use your own towel instead of tissue paper.

  • Try to start your training at least 3 months before the event. Beginners should train according to their abilities and slowly increase their running distance.

  • Gradually reduce your training intensity one to two weeks before the competition to avoid participating under accumulated fatigue, but complete rest is not recommended.

  • Increase consumption of carbohydrates 3 to 6 days before the race

  • 3 to 4 hours before the race, sonsume easily digestible food, hydrate adequately, and avoid fiber-rich food.

  • Around 30 minutes of dynamic warm-up exercises is recommended before the race. Avoid relying solely on static warm-up and stretching.

  • If the event is called off/cancelled due to adverse weather, venue issue, or other unforeseeable circumstances, announcements will be made on the MSF Hong Kong Facebook page and this website.

  • Baggage storage will be provided for participant's personal items. Carrying of valuable items is discouraged. The Organiser does not assume responsibility in case of damage or loss. Usage of the storage service implies acceptance the non-liability of the Organiser.

  • Should there be any emergency or assistance needed during the event, participants shall contact the officials at the information centre.

  • All prizes are not cash-redeemable.

  • Any behaviour including but not limited to endangering the safety of others or oneself and affecting the results of the races, may result in disqualification.

  1. Disclaimer and indemnity
    I /We, wish to enter as an individual /a team to participate in the “On Track to Save – MSF Running Competition” (the Event). I /We jointly and severally confirm and agree that I /we shall comply with all relevant rules, regulations, arrangements, and /or decisions made by Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong (MSF, the Organiser). I /We take part in this event entirely at my /our own risks and that I /we shall not hold MSF, the co-organiser, any sponsors and /or supporting organisations responsible for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death or injury, and /or for any damage to, loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the Event. I /We shall also agree to indemnify or reimburse MSF with respect to any additional expenses or costs incurred by MSF arising from or in connection with my /our participation in the Event.
  2. Undertaking to raise sponsorship
    I /We, jointly and severally undertake that all funds raised directly or indirectly from my /our participation in the Event shall be paid in full to MSF without delay. I /We agree that all donations will not be refunded upon any case.
  3. Participant’s insurance
    I /We shall seek professional medical advice and independent legal advice prior to the submitting the enrolment form and prior to participation in the Event.
  4. Professional advice
    I /We shall seek professional medical advice and independent legal advice prior to submitting the enrolment form and prior to participation in the Event.
  5. Right of publicity
    I /We irrevocably grant MSF, the co-organiser and any sponsors the right to photograph me /us during the Event and name, voice, likeness, personal information and appearance made into photographs, sound, video or multi-media recordings in relation to the Event and to use in perpetuity throughout the world, in all media now known or hereafter devised for organising events, advertising and promotion.
  6. Force Majeure Clause
    1. MSF reserves the right to cancel the Event at any stage, if MSF thinks necessary, or if circumstances arise which are beyond reasonable control of MSF, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions and any of the Force Majeure events as described under clause 6.2. All fees and donations, including sponsorship, are non-refundable should the Event be cancelled as described herein. Announcements will be made on the Event website https://oc.msf.hk should the cancellation be necessary. MSF also reserves the right to revise any event details without prior notice.
    2. A Force Majeure event includes but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, or other severe natural disaster or act of God; or due to protest, riot, civil disobedience, uprising, march, revolt, assembly, demonstration, occupation, commotion, mass gathering, war, insurrection, sabotage, epidemic, terrorist attack or the likelihood of such event or act.
  7. Participants are recommended to bring ID card, sufficient cash, Octopus Card, and mobile phone with local connection.
  8. The course is shared with other vehicles. Please be aware of the road conditions, and follow traffic rules, obey all rules and warnings, and abide any decision of MSF relating to the participants’ ability to safely participate the Event without complaint.
  9. Each participant is responsible for his /her own health and safety.
  10. All the information provided by the participant in the enrolment form must be true and accurate.
  11. MSF reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of any participants without refund of the donation if they have provided false information, failed to make the required payment, submitted more than one application or failed to meet the enrolment requirements. MSF reserves the right to contact participants by phone or other means for any additional information required for their enrolment.
  12. MSF reserves the right to close the enrolment any time, whether before or after the enrolment deadline originally specified, without prior notification.
  13. MSF reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions. Should there be any dispute, MSF /event producer reserves the right to the final decision.
  14. In case of violation, breach or non-observance of any terms and conditions of the Event, MSF reserves the right to disqualify any person and /or nullify his or her result. MSF shall not be obliged to refund any donation and issue certificate under such circumstances.
  15. Privacy clause
    Our promise to protect your privacy: Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong (MSF) promise not to sell, share or swap your personal information with any other company /organisation. The information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential, used only by MSF and our carefully selected service providers for the purposes of donation administration, receipt issuing and communications about your donation. You may wish to refer to our prevailing Privacy Notice.
  16. Interpretation clause
    In the Event that there are any discrepancies in the interpretation, construction and /or meaning between the English version and the Chinese version regarding any or all of the above clauses, the English version shall prevail.